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A gray area.

In Uncategorized on February 25, 2012 at 8:47 pm

My gray area was literally turning into a gray area.


My gray area – the “gray” themed master bedroom design that I desired – literally created a gray area for my husband and I.  Our differing opinions as to the gray direction were extreme.  So much so, that neither one of us could clearly define what we wanted – especially the color direction that we sought.  As a teacher and a football coach, articulating a “look” and designing a space is foreign to him… but for me, a designer — this task should be child’s play, eh?  Not the case.

To say that it has been challenging is a definite understatement.  Surprisingly puzzling and nothing short of me feeling as if my design expertise is slipping through my fingers.  Haha – the concept of the master bedroom design became unclear – downright murky.  So many options, so many directions… what to do?  What to do?

No lie…  the difficulty in design often emerges when attempting to design your own space.  The effortlessness and creativity you possess when designing clients’ spaces seems to quickly vanish.  Pair that with having to consider and incorporate your mate’s opinion into the design — pffffft — sometimes it can stop you in your tracks.  I am talking a complete halt!

How about 564 days of a complete halt… ridiculous, eh?!

Ever since we moved into our home, we have been trying to come to a compromise on the color direction and design for the room.  Adamant… already envisioning the various charcoal tones mixed with whatever pop color we selected  – I want gray.  Insistent… hmmmmm, just insistent – he doesn’t want gray.  Now mix in a little “get situated in a new house, life, work, children, school, football” and you will gain a better understanding as to why we have remained stagnant and STILL sleep in a master bedroom that is a hot mess!  Haha – there is a reason that when company visits, that door is left with an opening just big enough for that cat to squeeze through… a glimpse inside and my design credibility would surely be in jeopardy.  I say again… the room is a hot mess!

But there is hope…

Especially since ashley gray, #HC-87 has entered my world!

Can’t even believe it myself – but we have FINALLY found a gray that we both approve.  A gray that isn’t too gray, and not too blue and not too dark and not too green — you get it, right?   As much as I deal with paint colors, I should have known that Benjamin Moore’s Historical Colors would provide the solution.  This collection contains a refined array of staple colors that offer rich tones and depth.  Incredibly fitting for a myriad of design styles – I should have known!

Thank goodness for the resources available at my full-time gig, especially my colleagues.  The many days of playing around with fabric sample books and paint colors has paid off  — HOT DAMN — success at last!

I am ecstatic that my husband and I were able to find a solution.  The ideas are aligned… we have determined a wall color, a floor plan, window treatments and the fabric/bedding color scheme — now it’s time to roll up our sleeves and implement this plan.  Really… really?!  Is this chick really about to get the gray area, the master bedroom haven that I have been yearning for?  Isn’t that what we all want?  A bedroom that provides a peaceful and relaxing retreat… an area of solace that rejuvenates your mind, body and spirit… a respite from the world.  Hey… that’s what I want — and well on my way to owning!

Wish us luck as we commence.  Haha – and do say a prayer that it doesn’t take another 564 days to achieve!

Oh… if in need of a new paint color – check out the Historical Colors;



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